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Help! Laurier Novell Login!

A photo of Smothy88 Smothy88
I accepted a month ago, still haven't got my course book in the mail because of the stupid Canada Post strike and I can't take my CPE test because I haven't recieved anything about my Novell ID. I tried using the four letters of my last name and the last four of my student id number but it's saying there is no user registered.

The one thing I can do though is log on to my loris account?
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A photo of CoutureCouture CoutureCouture
What are you using as your password? It's not the same for loris, I don't believe. Plus, you should've received your email with all this information in it.
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A photo of Smothy88 Smothy88
I searched my email and couldn't find anything unless I accidently deleted it? But even when I try going to forgotten password link and enter the first four letters of my last name and last four of my laurier id, it says user not found?
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A photo of farrelle farrelle
I'm having the same problem, my email said it was the same login for the email system but its not working and it doesnt recognize that when i say that i forgot my password
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