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I am starting to pick my courses for first year.

When i read the guide it says use the blank timetable and plan it out...
where are these timetables that we write it in?

and can we start picking courses and make our timetable but not finish right away?

like can we do some of it and do the rest later?
if you could how do you save it and go back?

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A photo of g93 g93
What guide are you using? The booklet or the online one?


^This one?

The timetables are on pages 84-86. You can print them off if you have the online one or use them in the book.

What I did when I was planning my courses for Laurier was write down all of the times in the booklet for the classes I wanted for each day, and then I started with the mandatory classes and started filling in my timetable (just a rough one, didn't print it). Then when I was "done" I printed and copied.

You can use this to check which classes are full before you actually choose your courses: https://telaris.wlu.ca/ssb_prod/bwckschd.p_disp_dyn_sched

To actually choose you go onto LORIS and then pick them. I don't know if you can save but you could just do it all at once if you plan it first.

Remember that you have to write the CPE before you enroll in a math course.
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A photo of woods2dellis woods2dellis
I need a copy of the schedule.
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you can take one course for now and add the other 4 later. Check the wlu site to see when the deadline for course selections are (sud be Aug). Take the business course first cause they run out fast. Some good electives run fast too. (cp102, GG101, gg102, AS101, an101)
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