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Help Me decide on a Virtual School course

A photo of jdmitr jdmitr
Hi, I'm going to be taking virtual schooling and I was wondering if anyone has experiences/suggestions for which one to take. Subject doesn't really matter, just need to be a booster to help me get into university. I'm only a high 70's student btw :(

My Options:

Grade 12, Challenge and Change in Society, Unviersity/College Preparation HSB4M
Grade 12, Financial Accounting Principles, University/College Preparation Bat4m

Grade 12, International Business Fundamentals, University/College Preparation

so yea there it is....advance functions is an option also but i dont think i can handle it. thanks!
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A photo of rickysha rickysha
From what I hear International Business is a cakewalk.
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A photo of darrenmiller18 darrenmiller18
If you dont mind me asking what website willl you be using to take the online course.

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A photo of ninetyfour ninetyfour
Haha I think you should take something that interests you. I took Grade 11 comp sci with VirtualHighSchool and it was great.

Think about what subjects are easier for you in school, and then pick a course that's similar or is in the same department.
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A photo of christianbale christianbale
I would take Challenge & Change because it's probably the most interesting and it sounds pretty easy. :tongue:
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