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Help me decide which UNI to pick

A photo of jack3d jack3d
york vs. brock. will be on res regardless...

for york i will be going into my program of choice (kin), closer to home, cant probably train mma at the same time. but the thing is i heard york social life/res life sucks.

for brock, i will be going for community recreation which is an alternate offer, heard brock has a better res/social life, but it is not the program of choice for me.

cant decide, program and social life are both important factors

either way i plan to transfer to western after my 1st year, any one know the steps for that?
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A photo of nfabiano nfabiano
Well York has the program you want, and it will probably be easier to transfer to Western kin by completing first year York Kin. I've heard nothing but good things about York's kin program, but personally I hated York. I did not find the campus appealing at all.

I don't know about your program at Brock, but Brocks awesome. The social life at Brock is really good, especially if you live on campus. The school itself is very nice, and its located in the Niagara region.. so you're bound to find something to do all the time. For MMA training, I live in Niagara Falls and there's a Fight Club Canada that trains MMA which is about 15-20 min away from campus. I'm not sure about MMA in St. Catherines, but the one in my city is very popular, and there's always buses from Brock to Niagara Falls.

Ultimately the decision comes down to if you want a better education or better social life. York=better program, Brock=better social life. If you want to go to Western 2nd year, I say York.
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