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Chemistry: Love the combination of math and memorization
Biology: Find it extremely easy and enjoyable too
Physics: Dislike how hard it is but love the math involved
Calculus, Functions: Love, love, love the math. Comes so easily to me and enjoy it so much as well.
English: Am great at it but DO NOT like writing at all. Hate having to write essays and papers, but likes analyzing things.
Humanities: Hate for the above reason that one must write papers.
Computers: Love it and am good at it.

I don't love memorization but am okay with it. I like math a lot but ofcourse have only been exposed to it at the high school level.

I like working in teams but with people who know as much as me. So far I've been the person that does all the work for the whole team, so I don't like that.I'm somewhat an individual, solitary learner but can work very well in groups. I'm a natural leader, I like taking on responsibility and leading people.

Is health sciences right for me?

Any opinions are appreciated.
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I think your inability to make a choice about your own future is indicative of a larger problem than uncertainty about your post-secondary plans.

That being said, yes. Health sciences is for everyone.
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I'm only looking for opinions so that I can make a fully informed decision using info from people that are possibly already in the program. I just want opinions, that's all...
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Your aptitude in a particular subject doesn't always correlate to what career you might be interested in. You can't seriously expect people to give you an educated opinion on your future with such little information! In any case, where else did you apply/get into? What career fields have you investigated? What personal interests do you have?

Based on your description of yourself, you seem like a good candidate for the health science program (I'm assuming you're talking about the one at Mac). It's a great program, but I'd say it's pretty focused on getting into the medicine industry. If you're unsure on the path you want to take with your life, you might not be too keen on the idea of already choosing the direction of your future. That's not to say that people don't come out of health sci and enter law or business, though. Health science does indeed offer versatility in learning style though, and I'm sure regardless of your personality now, you'll be comfortable in the program.
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