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Help me please!!

A photo of soheil253 soheil253
im am currently in grade 12. my courses so far are:

ENG4U: 65
BOH4M: 83

next semester

AMU4M (music)

I have applied for ryerson ( business management), york [ health studies ( management)], UOIT ( commerce, IT), Laurier brantford ( health administration, guelph-humber ( BBA.
I know my english mark is low, and i will be going to night school to upgrade it. but currently do u think i have a chance with any of these programs?
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A photo of QueensHopeful QueensHopeful
Do any of your unis want above a 65 in English? If not, I would not bother upgrading it and concentrate on your second semester courses.

If you have to upgrade English make sure you take the makeup course and not the reach ahead. You finish earlier and then you have time to put your best effort into your other courses.
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