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HELP ME understand how these acceptances work!

A photo of halestorm29 halestorm29
I was trying to find this in another thread but came up with nothing. Question:
Does anyone know how many acceptances a school will send out for their program? Just enough to fit how many they can take?
I was just thinking about how so many people will reject their other offers... Leaving space for others..
Any insight would be appreciated! Especially regarding McGill Desautels. Thanks!
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A photo of thecookiemonster thecookiemonster
It depends on the school... I think I have heard that Harvard expects 85-90% of their applicants to accept their offers (can't remember the exact number).

I have heard other schools more like 50%. I'm sure some schools are lower (eg Brock BAcc, everyone has it as their back-up).

I would guesstimate McGill would double their offers, because many students will accept at Queen's, Ivey, Schulich, or even Waterloo/Laurier/Rotman, and some people different programs. They will base it off past years and have some exact random calculated number, but ya
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A photo of halestorm29 halestorm29
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Yeah they definitely give out more than actual spaces because some people will decline it for another school.

For example, I think Ivey gives out 700, expecting 600 to accept. Or around that.
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