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HELP! My grade 12 schedule and Do I have a chance?

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Hey guys! I'm finally somewhat adjusted to G.12 and seeking some advice. Early this year, I moved back to Canada from Egypt and was only able to get PLE's (prior learning experience) listed on my transcript normally this wouldn't be a problem but during the semester I took in G.11 I did awful getting an overall average of 80%. Problem is I'm planning to apply to UofT's Life Science program and I'm asking for an honest opinion on whether or not I can improve my marks enough to get accepted. My grade 11 marks were as follows:

Semester 2:

Chemistry :75%
Math (M) :90%
English 11 :85%
Functions 11 :73%

Now, knowing exactly why I did so badly. It's safe to say, I am very disappointed with my math and science marks (although not surprised) because I took functions in summer school and am not the best at test taking because I make stupid mistakes(because I'm usually so nervous). While I am improving, I am planning on going into the medical field and my marks are far from desirable especially since it's so competitive. Furthermore, my G.12 course load is as follows:

Semester 1:

Chemistry 12
Sociology 11 (for STEPS program)
English 12
Advanced Functions
(In that order)
Physics 11 (Night School)

Semester 2:

Sociology 12 (for STEPS program)
Calculus and Vectors
Biology 12
Physics 12
(In that order)

That being said, with how heavy my course load is and the advantage of the STEPS program (which allows me to take a Soc101Y course with UofT while still in High School) what are my chances? I'm aiming for an overall average of 93+ but how hard or possible will that be? Also, should I apply to the mentorship program UofT has for G.11 and G.12 students, or will that be unnecessary since I'm trying to gain all my community work since everything I had previously is for naught.

**Also, should I just drop Physics 12? It's not required but recommended and I am taking Physics 11 but could I do without it or should I just take it?
I'd appreciate any feedback :D
Thanks in advance!
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