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Help! Not sure if I can do this!

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Hey guys, so its my first time using student awards to ask a question. Please help! I'm a gr 12 ontario highschool medhopeful. I really want to be a cardiologist (personal experience :cheers: )
- Yes I have backup plans :)

Unfortunately, my grades aren't up to par to get into the program I want to get into. Their around the low 80's right now, I'm taking chem, physics, adv. functions and music. Next semester I have Calc, Bio and english.

My question is, if I get into a Kinesiology program at say, york or UoiT, is it possible in any way for me to transfer to Mac Healthsci or Mac Life Sci? (I really want to go there! The program interests me and it seems very helpful for the whole 'med field'. I know its not necessary to get my degree from there, but I want to)

Thank you!
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umm...y dont u try waterloo or westerns biomed program/linesiology...westerns biomed is rlly goood for premed..
Also, I personally applied to physical sciences and gonna specialize in chemical biology at MAC...so u can do tht too if u want..u will get into physical sciences at MAC for sure :D
Hope this helped
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
Yes you can apply to transfer into Mac health sci in 2nd year but it's considerably harder because they don't accept many transfer students (~20 ish typically), and you have to maintain a minimum A- (80-84%) average in 1st year. The prereqs are 1 full year of bio and 1 full year of chem.


Not sure what the requirements are for Mac life sci.
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