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Help on choosing universities for chemical engineering.

A photo of iklaush iklaush
So its that time of year to apply for universities. I've finally come to the conclusion of applying for chemical engineering (as my program), but now I'm stumped on which universities to exactly apply to. My choices right now rank as this:

1) University of Waterloo - Chemical Engineering (Co-op)
2) McMaster University - Chemical Engineering (Co-op)
3) University of Toronto || Queens University || University of Western Ontario

I'm only applying to 3 because I don't find it necessary to apply to more than 3. However, can any of you lovely people give me some feedback, especially on the 3 options I have laid in my third selection.
Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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A photo of imaginaryengineer imaginaryengineer
Well ill give you some info on uoft. So far i love it here. In chem eng you'll be with most of the girls in engineering. The ratio is 50:50 or something. The social scene is as good as you make it. Although you will not have the same type of rez parties as other schools there is a lot to do in toronto. There is no co-op but there is PEY which is a 8-16 month internship. The campus is beautiful. There are lots of clubs and teams to get involved in as well. Visit each school if you can it'll give you a much better idea of where you want to go.

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A photo of hello123456 hello123456
Kushal, you're gonna get in to all anyway :P

Waterloo should be your top choice ( it has really good co-op) and U of T is pretty damn good as well. Haven't heard much about McMaster though
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A photo of Yaroslav64 Yaroslav64
Mac is awesome. The great thing about Mac is that engineers basically run the school, specific events through out the year, engineer specific concerts and events during frosh week, red suits always fucking with other faculties. I love it.
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A photo of arviny arviny
UofT chem imo is the best. It has more research being conducted, lots of great profs (and crap ones) from what I've heard, close knit community, a lot of girls (it's not a sausage fest), and as your probably know there's PEY which gives you a full non stop year of working experience (you take a year off) and almost everyone who applies gets jobs.

Oh yea it's located in downtown, bordering hipster yorkville, chinatown, and one of the largest research hubs in north america. Also you'll be meeting a ton of international students (dw they all speak perfect engrish) and mind that they all came to UofT for a reason.

Last thing that's not really important, compared to the other university frosh weeks, I'd say UofT had a better one for engineering.
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