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Help... OSAP and UTAPS...!??

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Hey, so I'm not sure if I should be panicking or not. I come from a very low income family and have not yet applied for OSAP but am going to tonight. I applied for UTAPS a little late because I thought I wasn't going to go to U of T because living in Toronto can be so expensive but I decided that maybe I would. THAT DOESN'T MATTER.

The point is: I haven't received any information from UTAPS and I looked on the website and saw that I would have to had picked up my first loan paper from OSAP?? So, will I not be able find out how much money I'll get from U of T until I accept there and have my OSAP stuff?

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A photo of Creilan Creilan
Same situation here..
you probably won't get it anytime soon, so i think you should do the OSAP thing soon
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