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HELP PLS Taking 4U Bio in night school/virtual school without prerequisite

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I am in a really messed up situation right now and I hope it's not too much to ask for some advice. Alright, so up until a little while ago I thought that I would only apply to business programs so I didn't take any science classes in grade 11 and 12. Worst decision I ever made. By not taking any science courses in grade 11 and 12 I have restricted myself in so many ways. These past few weeks I have researched a number of university programs and I have become interested in programs that require at least one or two science courses. I am still going to apply to business programs, but I really want to apply to those other programs too because I am not soo sure if business is what I really want to do after all. The problem is that I have come to this realization too late. First semester is almost over so I can't take any grade 11 science courses. Staying another year is also NOT an option. Therefore, I was wondering if it is possible to take a grade 12 science course like Biology without the prerequisite next semester. I realize that this might be challenging but I am willing to put a lot of work into that course. So do you guys think that it is manageable to do well in grade 12 bio without the prereq? I don't know what my guidance teacher will say to this but I think she would be willing to make an exception for me given my strong academic record. Also, do you think it would be better to take Bio in night school or virtual school? I am kinda leaning towards night school. I went on the YRDSB (York region district) website to get more information and I found out that night school courses are offered at another high school. However it also says that I have to register for night school through www.careercruising.com. (That's the link of the page: http://www.yrdsb.edu.on.ca/page.cfm?id=CC0000040 ). However, when I go on my course planner there is supposed to be a Continuing Education Button that I use to choose my night school courses but I can't find it anywhere. Nowhere on that website does it say anything about night school so I don't get why I have to use careercrusing to sign up for night school. I realize that I will eventually have to talk to my guidance teacher and get her approval, however I'd like to get the signing up part done first because I know that these courses fill up very quickly.

I think that's about it. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
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I'm really not sure what's better, virtual school or night school because for the most part I've heard of virtually nobody who has taken 12U bio through virtual?

If I'm not mistaken (and anybody can correct me here if I am) the curriculum for bio 11/12 has been changed recently to push evolution to grade 11 and I think biochemistry up to 12? Just keep in mind that if your guidance people allow you to do grade 12 bio without grade 11, it SHOULD be alright as long as you study a decent amount since none of it is on a whole new level from grade 11 (hence the interchangeable curriculum topics between 11/12). The only concern is that a lot of the basic chem concepts are used quite a bit in 12 bio which can be tough. But all that is up to studying and if you work hard it shouldn't be particularly hard.

As for the night school/virtual school thing; yeah I have no idea. I think you should talk more with your guidance people and get all the answers from them. And just wondering, why isn't staying another year an option? I know people who didn't do sciences and ended up wanting to go there, so they just stayed back a year to finish up. Better than wasting a couple grand on tuition your first year of uni and THEN changing?
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You can do bio 4U without the gr 11 as long as you put in a bit of work. As averagestudent said, there isn't a lot of overlap, and teachers will give you anything you need to know from grade 11.
Also, the biochem part isn't that bad if you don't have chem yet, 3/4 of my bio class this sem didn't have chemistry at the same time, so as long as you understand the concept you should be fine.
Good luck!
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A photo of Kayla156 Kayla156
Thank you so much for your input guys. Besides bio, I would also have the option of taking SES4U (Earth and Space Science). It's not offered at my school, however I could take it in virtual school. Another good thing is that it has grade 10 science as its prerequisite so I would have no issues signing up for it. Do you guys think that would be a better alternative? Has anyone ever taken that course and tell me more about it?
Thanks again.
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