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HELP! Protfolio !!!

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Hey, so I wanted to apply to the Bachelor of Applied Arts- Creative Advertisement at Humber College. I was reading what I need for my portfolio and I have it all done...now I want to email it. They said to do it electronically but....problem is, they really haven't give an email at all. :|

I called in, but they're closed for the Holidays till Jan 2nd. I also emailed the program coordinator but he hasn't gotten back to me, probably because it's the holiday.

here is a link to the sites program: http://www.humber.ca/program/bachelor-applied-arts-creative-advertising#admission-requirements

Really confused...is anyone else going through this with any of their electronically sent protfolios? Was the link(email) on the website for you? Or did you have to call in to get it?

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I'm also interested in this program and was also unable to find an email of some sort. You will have to keep searching or wait till their offices open to contact them or email the institution.

Also, have you applied already through OntarioColleges.ca? If so, they possibly will contact you and provide an email to send the portfolio to. There is still time though.
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