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Help!! Questions about Whitney Hall in UC UofT

A photo of bimbim1230 bimbim1230
Hey guys I'm moving into Whitney this Fall, single room. I was wondering how large a single room is approximately? Thank you very much!!
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A photo of Nyx Nyx
I think it varies a lot, even in the same building, so there's no way of knowing for sure.
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A photo of KilgoreTrout KilgoreTrout
Hey, I was in Whitney last year, and am returning again this year! Like the above poster said, rooms in Whitney do vary in size slightly. However, I can help you determine the size of your room if you tell me the house and number (eg. FE1100, FA101, etc...).

Welcome to the greatest residence at both UC and UofT!
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A photo of kraken kraken
My friend had a double in the summer (to herself, as roomie moved out). It was pretty big even for a double. Didn't see any singles though.
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