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A photo of simmz simmz
Hoping to get into BMOS at Western

Data Management - 91
Business Management - 96
Biology - 80
Religion (yes counts as top 6) - 90
English - 75
Advanced Functions - 68
Average = 83.3%

Only thing I'm scared about are the prereqs for BMOS which include English and 2 of the 3 maths. Thing is I have a low mark in English and Advanced functions.

I am taking calculus and retaking English. By midterm I will most likely have an 80+ in calc (which will replace my gross Advanced functions mark) and I will have an 80-85 in English at midterm. I will finish off with an average of around 85-87ish.

Kind of stressing that I won't get in... Thoughts?
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A photo of bcd92 bcd92
Yeah, your plans seems perfectly fine. Certainly repeat english though. Anyhow, i think you'll get into the program, but im not too sure if you'll get the AEO status. They take people with 89%+ averages (from what i've heard). Anyhow, best wishes in your future endeavours. (:
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