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Help: Student Neighborhood around York University

A photo of csrichie csrichie
I'll be attending York university in September. I'm not from Toronto, and I was wondering if someone can provide me with information about the neighborhoods around York.

I do have a car, but I would like to live close to campus to avoid paying for parking fee and gas. I'm aware that areas around York are generally reported by the media as dangerous neighborhoods. I was wondering whether this is actually true.

The apartment complex on Driftwood appears to be reasonably price for student. Does anyone have any experience with living there?

Thanks in advance for any tips!
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A photo of ktel ktel
Are you able to go to Toronto and check it out? That will give you the best indication of what the neighborhoods and apartments are like. Also why not look at residence (not to say off-campus housing isn't good too).

I'm from Edmonton and also moving to Toronto in September to go to U of T. But the aerospace institute is up by York. Personally I have no desire to live up there and will accept the 45 minute commute in order to live closer to downtown and be in a more lively neighborhood.
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A photo of csrichie csrichie
I'll be doing my MSc as well. There are some apartments north or east to the university that reside in nice neighborhoods. If you are looking for a roommate, let me know.

My email address is chen-shen@live.com

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A photo of ktel ktel
I've actually already found an apartment and will be living with my boyfriend. Besides, no desire to live in the north or east, all about south or west for me. Hopefully you can find a roommate though!
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