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Help! Take which one!

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I really want to go into EngSci at UofT. Right now I have received offers for math at waterloo, for engineering co-op at McMaster + an alternative offer for material engineering at UofT (for now DX).

If all fail, which of these I should take? Should I do material engineering and then transfer? Go straight to engineering at McMaster? Or just focus on my strongest subject at waterloo?

Any advice? I really need help. Look at the courses I have: 1 Eng, 2 Music, 3 Math, 4 Sci....I like all those subjects except English....I am really struggling with making a choice.

In Progress
AMI4M1:about 96
AMR4M1:about 93
ENG4U1:about 80
MCV4U1:about 95
SBI4U1:about 85

Is it likely for UofT to reconsider my application and offer me EngSci, at least track one? They seem to ignore my contests awards...
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