yconic - HELP! Till when do I have to submit my final marks? (I am taking online courses)
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HELP! Till when do I have to submit my final marks? (I am taking online courses)

A photo of vankmj vankmj
Hello guys.... here I am, asking a stupid question..

I just really want to know till when I MUST submit my final marks
I am taking online courses through VirtualHighschoolOnline
I think i will finish it on late July..basically, same as when summer school finishes..

Is it okay to finish my courses after June?
Just think that I am taking a summer school.. does univ accept summer school marks?

I am really confused, cuz i know that the marks that will decide you whether or not to be accepted is your some of gr12 final marks and some of other gr12 marks till mid-term that you are taking in sem2

help me ooooouuuuuuuuutttttttt
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
I think most unis don't want to see you taking a course after June...
However, contact them and ask, or talk to your school counsellor.
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A photo of Mar Mar
Universities won't accept your summer school marks because by the time you'll get your summer school grade they will process most of the applications.

You should submit your marks by mid April. L
ast year most of the students who took online courses were asked to finish their courses by the beginning of May.
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