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Help! U of T---Woodsworth College???

A photo of HanaDreamer HanaDreamer
Hi :alien: ,

I was just accepted by the Humanities program in the St.George campus and my res is the Woodsworth College. Is this one good? What do you think about this res? Thanks! :cheese:
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A photo of SKHL SKHL
Woodsworth College is a pretty awesome residence! It's one of the newest buildings on campus, and I believe all the rooms are suite-style, so you have your own room but share kitchen and bathroom facilities with a few other people. It's on one corner of campus, so it may be a little far to walk now and then if your class is at the other end of the campus, but living right on Bloor Street and St. George TTC station is very convenient as well.
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A photo of icey icey
Woodsworth College looks beautiful! It's like a tall glass building and it looks very modern and clean. I always pass by it on my way to class. I'd encourage you to take a tour of the campus and the residence, if you're able to :). Here's a picture of the residence.

SKHL gave you most of the other information. Living in a suite-style residence can be very fun as well, since you'll have several suitemates who will live in the same apartment as you but you'll have privacy as well (you have your own bedroom). You won't have a meal plan I believe but you'll be able to cook your own meals.
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A photo of Luiisa Luiisa
My friend lived at Woodsworth for her first year. It's a really nice building! It's apartment style, so you get your own room and share the kitchen/dinning room/etc with a couple other people. My friend had 3 roommates and the apartment was huge. The different lounges on each floor are really nice, and from what she'd mentioned, they allays had cool events and socials going on. You'll also be living right at the corner of Bloor and St. George, which is a pretty good location!
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A photo of rvangel rvangel
Okay I've been selected to UofT(YAAYY!) Woodsworth college and I've been wondering if i can share my room with my sister!(she's being selected too) they say that the room fee would be 5500$. Is it even possible to share a room with someone?
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A photo of kraken kraken
^ they only have single rooms at woody I think... but you can probably request to be in the same suite.
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