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HELP! University Chances

A photo of ceeaytee ceeaytee
I know i have been slacking off in the beginning of grade 12 and I regret it so much. But I cannot go back into the past and i'm trying my ultimate best right now..
as of right now my average is around 78-ish and i'm really hoping to get into UBC or SFU. For UBC I applied to Arts as my first choice and I wrote a really good supplemental IMO. For SFU I applied to communications and psychology. Do you think I will have a chance of getting in? I am so stressed right now because I spent a lot of time on my UBC supplemental so I really hope they will consider me
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
For UBC, you will definitely have to pull the marks up.
For SFU, you might have a slight chance.
Just keep working hard and don't stress about it too much.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I think you have a higher chance at SFU than UBC.
Even with a superbbbb supplemental, I still don't think your marks are high enough.
But if you can raise them up third term, you may hear something at the end of May.
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