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Help!!!! Uoft St George Life Sci with 88.33%

A photo of salimush salimush
Just wanted to get you opinions. With midterms coming around, i've gotten into 2 of my universities, but i really want to get into UofT, st george for Life Science my avarage is 88.3%. It would have been alot higher (like around 92-93) but i only have a 73 in calculus which is prereq, so it dragged my avarage down. So anyways my first two colleges choices for st george are Innis and New college. So with my 88% do you guys think i have a chance getting into UofT st george. Honest opinions please.

P.S Also i couldnt differentiate between the diff colleges at St George. which is more competitve, is it too late to switch my order choices? I hope to double major in near east civilizations( humanities and psych in life sci, so which college would be most suitable for me.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
This is posted in the totally wrong thread, but it's okay.

You're still safe for UT with your 88.33, trust me. I applied for UTSG Life Sci at Vic last year with around an 89 and I got in first round (in early March). I am from out of province though, if that makes all the difference. I had the same problem as you did. I had around 92-93 as well bu with Calculus, it dragged my average down quite a bit.

With respect to colleges, I think Trinity and Vic are probably the most competitive ones.
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