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Help What should I do?

A photo of mrlkc mrlkc
I'm currently in grade 12. I had an 87 average last year (93 chem, 85 math, 85 physics, 90 accounting, 73 french, 90 in S.A.P, 81 in English, 98 in Open history)

Right now in grade 12 I have about a 77 average (90 in english completed already, 93 in economics, an 80, but going down, in functions, and probably a 50% in calculus)

I have accounting, chemistry and physics next semester and will prob get marks similar to last year

I thought i would do a lot better in calculus and functions but apparently not. Anyways I'm thinking of applying to university for a business program or engineering, but 90% likely going into business.

I'm thinking of applying to a
BAcc Honours Accounting 5 yrs 4 co-op terms at Brock
Accounting and Financial Management - Chartered Accountancy Co-op ** Waterloo
Accounting and Financial Management - Business and Finance Co-op Waterloo
BComm Business Administration co-op at Windsor

I'm only interested in a co-op program and those are all co-op business programs.

I'm most likely going into finance or accounting (Get CA)

My questions are should I bother applying with these kinds of marks?

Will I even get accepted?

Do you think I might get accepted based on my grade 11 marks or no ?

Should I get rid of my sciences next semester and take more business courses that will bring my average up (I'm scared that I might switch into sciences later and regretdropping them, I like chemistry , physics not so much) ?

Give me you advice please? Everything is helpful !!!!

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A photo of ilikeyork ilikeyork
work HARDER,especially math ,if u seriously cant pull the marks up then retake it next semester
i dont think Brock or Windsor cares about retake
but waterloo cares though
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