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Help! Where do I send my documents?

A photo of TotoSmith TotoSmith
Hey I'm a student from Alberta and I applied to Waterloo (Math), Western (science), and UofT (mathematical science). For UofT, they gave me a specific address to send my grades to so I guess it's all good. For Waterloo, do I indicate my grades on the AIF or is there also a specific address to send any documents to? Same question for Western except that they gave me a link to indicate my marks but it didn't work... I sent them an email but they haven't responded yet. Can anyone help? And does anyone know when they usually send out admission decisions?

Thanks in advance!
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A photo of RossGemaco RossGemaco
Pretty sure for western they want you to send a hard copy of your transcripts straight to their Undergraduate Admissions building. at least thats what i did, got that info off their website
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