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Help! Which full course should I take during the summer?

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Hi, here is my grade 12 plan:

French, university
History, university (will definitely boost my mark up, and I love it)
Chemistry, university
Biology, university
English, university
Advanced Function, university
Calculus and Vectors, university

I was also thinking of taking a course during the summer. Either Chemistry, Biology, Advanced Functions, or Calculus and Vectors, and get it off my mind. But some people tell me it's better to take English. What do you suggest?
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A photo of mccannca466 mccannca466
It really depends on your postsecondary destinations. Are you aiming to apply in the sciences area, or the arts? If English is difficult for you, I would do that in summer school. It is used for all application admissions, and you can repeat it if necessary. Actually, English is usually the easiest to take in summer school, unless you really, really struggle with another course and wish to get it out of the way.

Almost every single person I know who took a full course in summer school took English. They didn't enjoy English so they wanted it out of the way, and there wasn't any specific information that they needed to retain for their programs of choice. If you take a science in summer school and plan on applying for something in that area, it will be harder to retain the knowledge, and so your courses will be harder.
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