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Help with Filling out Student Loan Forms (BC)

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On applications for student loans it asks for tuition costs. However, I am at a complete loss as to how I'm supposed to find this information.

I've applied to UBC, been accepted, been sent the offer in the mail, etc. But on the Student Service Centre site I can find no mention of tuition costs. Are we just supposed to use this calculator? Or are we to wait, and eventually this info will be sent to us? If this is the case, should I wait until that time to apply for student loans?

Please excuse my ignorance. And thanks in advance.
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A photo of canadaguy123 canadaguy123
I have the same problem too. But my question is, are we supposed to apply online? this is my first time applying and I don't know the steps. I went to BC website and when I started applying,the elgible years and length of my chosen program did not much anything on their website "it says; August 2010-July 2011. It's kinda weird or probably im just dumb not to understand the procedures of applying for student loans.
Can you please break down all the crucial steps when applying for BC loan?

I am going to UBC VAn next year (science) and I received a notification from them that they are going to increase the tuition next year (this really sucks though)!!

You can just email them or phone them and ask them if the tuition fee cost that we will be using is the value given by their online calculator. Sory I didn't help you because I can say that we are on the same boat. However, you're boat is currently filled with water but mine is about to sink!!
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