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Help with university for mechanical/mechatronic/automotive engineering.

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I am a grade 12 student and willing to get into mechanical engineering co-op. In the future I want to master in automotive engineering. I have some questions.  

1) Is early acceptance for universities like Mac based on the specific prereqs like physics and math? Or is it general top 6 grade 11 marks?  

2) If I had a 87 average in top 6 of my courses in grade 11, is my chance of getting early acceptance in Mac or Ottawa good? Also will I be able to apply twice (one for early and one for later) is it a good idea?  

3) I would like to get into Waterloo, Macmaster, Ottawa, or Queens university.  Are my chances likely with a predicted 87 average? I am thinking that is what I will probably end with.  

4) Is UOIT a good idea for me and is it internationally recognized, because it is 17th ranked in Macleans?

5) Should I go into mechatronic engineering and then
Publish specify into automotive engineering? Or is it better to start with mechanical?
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1) Early admission to Mac is based on your Grade 12 first semester final marks, and any Grade 11 marks from the courses you haven't done in Grade 12 yet. Mac early offers are released in March. UOttawa has a rolling admission, so it can be based on just Grade 11 or some Grade 12. It's always based on the prereqs.

2) An 87 is good for Ottawa, but does not cut it for Mac

3) An 87 is very very risky for Waterloo, Mac and Queens, but should be good for Ottawa.

4) Apply to OUIT. It may not be internationally recognized but it's a good STEM school for your interests. Rankings don't matter much.

5) Decide yourself if you want to learn more electrical or software skills. This is the main difference between the two. Both are fine for automotive.

Side note: UWindsor is a stellar automotive university. I would highly suggest applying there
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Thank you very much! I think University of Ottawa would be a good choice. I will see where mechatronic programs are good and see there. On the other hand UOIT would be a backup option.
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