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A photo of faivious faivious
So I took 12 Physics in school and had the mark of 56 in first semester.
I re took physics in nightschool in second semester (right now), and now I just found out that my nightschool doesn't send ANY marks until the FINAL(end of second semester). So all of my universities will look at my school mark of 56..

my other marks are..
First semester.

Morality - 76

Advanced Functions - 75

12 Physics - 56

Second semester(At the moment)

English - 75

Computer Science - 75

Calculus - 77

Applied to
UTSC Comp Sci
Ryerson Comp Sci
York Comp Sci & Comp security
University of Ontario Comp Sci

What now..
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A photo of ktel ktel
Be prepared that you might not get in anywhere. Your marks are very low. If that happens, it will suck, but take time to reassess what your goals are and what you need to do to get there. No point worrying until that happens though, so do your best to get your marks up and hope you get in somewhere
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