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I was accepted to University of Toronto for life sciences 3 years ago but because of personal problems at home, financial issues (working 20 hours per week!), and trouble with time management, I failed all my courses and was forced to drop out. The year after, I stayed in France with my aunt's family and worked a wide array of different jobs (waiter, construction worker, etc) which was not only an interesting experience in and of itself but also allowed me to learn the beautiful French language. I really want to re-apply to University but I'm scared I'll be rejected because I dropped out a few years ago. I applied to McMaster, University of Toronto Mississauga, and Queens for Life Sciences (once again...) but now I've gathered enough money to no longer have to work part time which will make a HUGE difference to me. Things have also settled down at home and I really think I'm ready to go back into the world of education.

I went by to my old school a few months ago to retrieve my personal transcript and my grade 12 marks are as follows:

Chemistry 12 85%
Physics 12 88%
Biology 12 90%
English 12 82%
Calculus 85%
Studies in Ancient Civilization 91%

I also have advanced functions (73%), Challenge and Change (87%), and Politics (82%) but I highly doubt they matter. My friend already got accepted to McMaster and every single one of his marks were lower than mine....

Once again, I didn't get kicked out because of drugs or anything illegal, I simply didn't do enough work and missed most classes because I was overtired and stressed. I still have a decent change of getting accepted into these Unis right, even though I dropped out a few years back?
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