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A photo of reachin4it reachin4it
Is it even possible to go Univ. with a 80% average in gr. 12 despite doing poorly in your past years?

How do YOU deal with stress?

If you constantly "beat yourself up" (4 years running lol) is there anyway to re-establish positive optimism at this rate?

any idea on how you can get bursaries?
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A photo of Toronto12 Toronto12
I'm kind of confused in your first question, are you saying
that you don't normally get 80% averages and during your grades
9,10,11 you do horribly, is there a chance for you to get 80% in
grade 12?

If this is what your meant to say, I would have to say yes. In fact,
a lot of people I knew had their averages even lower than 70% during
grade 11 and managed to pull it up to low-mid 80s. Of course, this is
with intense effort, determination and external help such as; tutors
and friends.
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