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A photo of nagareboshi nagareboshi
I have a chemistry equilibrium test coming up and I don't know how to prepare for it. how do YOU GUYS prepare for tests? I'm getting about an 82% right now and I need an A. xD
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A photo of fransha fransha
Well, basically for every test, i look at the unit outline, my teachers handed out at the begining of each unit. and see if i can do every thing on there. if i could, great, then just do some light review of each material. if i can't do everything then, i go back to my notes to get a better idea of the subject.
And lol, i just finished the equilibrium unit, with le Chatelier's principle and all that. found it okay, not too difficult.
anyhow, good luck on your test!
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A photo of rightsaidfred rightsaidfred
Redo every problem.
Leave all problems to the day before the test.
Follow the example, and do the problem looking at the example.
Try another similar problem, write out in sentences what I do for each step.
THen do all problems on the subject I can find.
Sleep on it (commit it to permanent memory), wake up, go to school, get 95%.

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