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A photo of FixMePlease FixMePlease
I am sitting here not listening to my parents, on the computer writing this because i need help. This may seem funny to some of you but i have no intention on it being so.

I'm in Grade 11 right now and i dug myself a hole (if you know what i mean). In grade 9 and 10 my averages were high 80s and 90s, and i studied hard to earn those marks. Last summer i enjoyed a lot, went on vacation, etc.. I came back and i was looking forward to grade 11 because i knew this was the year i had to shine.
The first day of school came, just like everyone else, i went to school excited to learn and just get good grades and work hard for them. First semester i had Math, Chemistry and a couple other subjects.

I constantly did my homework for the first two weeks, then came the distractions.. Peer pressure, girls, everything. I just could not focus on studying anymore. I stopped listening to my parents i lied to them, i wasted my lunch time going outside and watching my friends do drugs. I also began to spend a lot of money for myself, and them. Coincidentally my marks began to drop as well, but i did not realize it. I went from high 80s in both subjects and entered the exam period with High 70s and Low 80s, and ended up getting low 70s in both of them (Two of the most important courses for my university program) One other thing i forgot to mention is even like right now, i sit in front of the computer all the time.

I can not control myself anymore, i fought with my parents and wanted kept this garbage in my room, and i got my wish. But slowly, i feel it spoiling me, but i just can't get rid of this. From the time i come home, until bed time i sit in front of this thing. I sleep very late as well, sometimes 4AM, and i have to wake up at 8:00 for school and i miss my bus most of the time. Sometimes if i am late, my mom drops me to school crying because she will be late for work, and i feel sad going to school as well. My dad simply does not care for me anymore because he knows i will not listen.

Second semester started and i still have my bad habits, i am almost failing physics. I don't feel like i can study anymore or its too late. At an assembly my guidance councilor said that grade 11 marks are significant for Universities.

I do not know who to ask for help, i am to scared to ask anyone because they will laugh at me or something. That is why i decided to anonymously write this on here. I don't know what else to do, if its too late i might as well just run away from home. I had big dreams as a child wanting to be an engineer, etc.., now im questioning whether i can even make it to university..
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Oh my, that was pretty deep.
Don't worry, I don't think you're the only one like that.
A lot of people start slipping once they hit grade 11, but you ARE only in grade 11.
You still have one.. well, half a year now.. to make up for all your wrongdoings.
But that means you have to start now. If you wait out another year, it may be too late then.
Grade 11 marks are really only important for early acceptance, so they don't play a role in regular acceptance, which is probably what your aim should be now.
From the way you type and portray yourself, you don't seem like that kind of guy who doesn't care about anything or anyone, you're just a little.. confused maybe.. lost maybe.. experimenting maybe..
But it's not too late to stop and change, definitely not.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
It's definitely not too late for you but you have to start making some drastic changes.

I think the first step is also going to be the hardest step and that's to confess and apologize to your parents. I can see that you're regretting a lot of your actions and I think your parents can help you a lot with what you're going through. They seem to love you a lot and I'm sure they'll forgive you perhaps not at first but given time and if you show them that you've changed.
I would ask them to put your computer somewhere in more public space (living room) so that you can't go on it in the middle of the night. Again, this will be hard but you're going to have to make some sacrifices. Once you've changed your habits enough that you can trust yourself you can ask to bring the computer back into your room.

Also I would look perhaps at hanging out with different people once in a while. I'm not going to judge your friends, they may be great people but it's obvious their habits are affecting yours. I'm not saying you should completely stop hanging out with them, but maybe you could join a club or do some volunteering and meet some new people who have similar goals as you.

We've all made mistakes, I've said some things about others when I was younger that I completely regret now and the best thing to do is to learn from them and move on. I hope this helps and good luck :)
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A photo of g93 g93
Don't mean to sound rude, but: Kid's Help Phone

It sounds like you need some help getting things turned around. Talk to them, they will help you.

It's not too late, you still have a promising future ahead of you, but you need to start getting things turned around. Good luck to you in the future :cheers:
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A photo of Tee604em Tee604em
You are a loser hahahahaha

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.
When i was in grade 8, i really didnt give a crap about school. In fact , the first day of grade 8, i skipped my last block which was French. The reason I did so? To smoke weed. I still remember to this day haha. I crossed the little path going towards portables which took me to my last class, but on my way there, there he was, my buddy whom i was connected with from out of school. U dont have to believe me, but this friend of mine was grade twelve, and he was in a gang. I knew him pretty well and he convinced me to skip school. At the time it wasnt a big deal, and being a youngin and all i wanted to impress him. So we smoked bud blah blah. By the third term, i got kicked out. And sent to another school. Now, this school i was sent to isnt even the one I am gradding at this year. In fact, by the end of grade 10 i was kicked out again. So you see, I am much worse than you. In reality, my case isnt even that bad i could have been much worse. Every year, i told myself i would do better but i didnt. Finally by grade 12 i started to smarten up the most. My grades improved blah blah, but even now i am frustrated that i am not doing the best of my potential.
Still in grade 12 year, i am out almost every week. But i set myself goals you see? cause after this long, somebody needs to take care of me. I limit myself to only going out of fridays and be home by night time on a sat so that i can study my ass off for whatever tests there are coming up. Sometimes i dont even go out at all.
As of today, i still mess around quite a bit. I go raves almost always, i rarely ever miss one and i barely ever go home. As im typing this actually, I just got home after being out for four days straight haha. Yet, here i am, on my path to university, awaiting the next stage of my life. If i can do it, you sure as hell can do it.
A good ass quote which motivated me was this: "Some of us play now then pay for the rest of our lives, some of us PAY now then PLAY for the rest of our lives. All of us have to pay our dues to become succesful, why not now?
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A photo of Tee604em Tee604em
^ it might not make sense to you, i only typed it in like 4 mins but hopefully u get the idea kid, smarten up
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A photo of harmony harmony
Sry, I've never experienced anything like what you said. But one good advice for you is to get rid of all the stuff that are interfering with your learning right now, and FAST.
If you can't focus on school work and all you wanna do is play computer? crash it, move it, give it away, anything. Just get rid of it for now and bring it back when you learn how u can control yourself. Girl is another issue huh? well, break up. If your girlfriend is gonna bother u, then get rid of her, or only date her during spring break, in the summer etc, you get the idea. I mean, yeah, what's so special with a girlfriend? r u gonna marry her? probably not huh? If you smoke, like I said earlier, get rid of it. burn it. if u can't quit, go watch some videos on how drugs can affect ur lungs and try to scare urself a little. Change ur daily rutein and everything else. Man if u don't change ur sleeping rutein, u r gonna die very early. After all these junks are removed from your life, then study. Cuz u gotta nothing else better to do.
PS: Sry about all the typos..trying to type them AFastAP
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A photo of andrewk512 andrewk512
The computer serves as an outlet for your consuming depression, but you have the desire to change, so all hope is not yet lost. It's not too late, because grade 11 marks only matter for early acceptances, and you have plenty of time to rearrange everything to it's original state.
It starts by focusing on the end goal, what do you want, who do you want to be, and then picture yourself in that successful state. Obliterate everything that stands in the way of your goal. Girls, friends, failure, these are all temporary. Realize, that by waking up, getting to school on time, studying and doing well in school, you're on a track to a great life. These people, and these worldly attachments, not only are they empty, but they stand in your way and stop you from being the best you possibly can.
Once you make that start, once you break away from this cycle, you'll turn your life around. You'll do great in school, you'll find a better group of friends, your parents will forgive you, you'll be motivated to actually accomplish things. It's a great feeling.

I find that when school is on break, it's really easy to get caught up in sitting around on the computer all day, sleeping in, feeling like crap and accomplishing nothing. I usually go take a walk, and I find it's really helpful for getting back on the right track.

Best of luck. =)
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