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High School transcript??? Some help needed.

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I am applying to 4 universities as shown in my signature.
I noticed that all universities ask for the official High school report.
So my questions is, do I have to submit this even if I am studying under the British Exam system? (i.e. O'levels and A'levels.)
And what do they mean by the 'high school transcript' anyways?
Is it our term test marks ?
I would appreciate any advice given.

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The high school transcript shows a record of all your final course marks over your high school years. Yes you probably need to submit them, as universities need your marks.
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Thanks for the post.
But I'm a bit worried about this.During my AS year my mid term marks and some last term marks dropped to around 80-85(except for 1 module for which I got 69%) .However my actual AS examination results are all above 90%.Do you think that this might affect my chances of getting accepted?
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what were your final marks (combination of coursework and examinations,right?) ? Universities will look at all your pre requisite courses, so for engineering that will be English, physics, chemistry, calculus and advanced functions (pre calc or whatever the equivalent is) and then your next highest mark. If you have a few low course marks that are not pre requisite cours, they probably won't be looked at
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Sorry, I didn't make myself clear.
I am a domestic applicant (105D) but I follow the British Examinations System.That is OLs and ALs.So we don't have courses named as English,calculus,advanced functions etc.I do 4 AL subjects of which the last term marks are given below.
Core Maths - 83
Mechanics- 69
Physics - 82
Chemistry - 79
I know these results don't sound that good but I got 90% above for all of the above subjects for my AL's.
So do you think that there's any hope that they will over look my term test marks and concentrae on my AS and OL marks?(Just another thing, in British exams, your school grades have no effect what so ever on your AL results,I have absolutely no Idea about the Canadian high school system though.
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