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A photo of brady23 brady23
What have you learned from high school and what do you still need to learn?
And why do you think dropout rates go up from grade 11-12? Can you relate any of this to yourself? (bad relationships with teachers)
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A photo of Newki Newki
I don't know but you could always try Googleing it.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia

@Newki wrote
I don't know but you could always try Googleing it.

Google solves everything, eh.
I think the OP was just asking for opinions, not a solid definite answer.

I've learnt to trust no one but myself, seriously.
People are going to backstab you left and right.. it's insane.
I couldn't imagine myself dropping out of high school, ever..
But for some people.. school just isn't their "thing"..
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A photo of Jazzym Jazzym
Personally I feel high school is a way to prepare for college, university, or general life after high school. It teaches you how to deal with deadlines and pressures that can be associated with everyday life. I still believe I need to work on developing my Diploma writing skills. Theres many stresses and worries involved with exams, and I find that practicing old diploma questions online has helped me a lot.
I can definitely understand why drop-out rates increase in grade 11-12. As you climb grades, classes become harder, forcing some students to drop out, or struggle with harder classes. Also some teenagers are close to the age where they have a lot more freedom, and the idea of working full time and earning money appeals a lot more than school.
I cannot relate in terms of wanting to drop out of school, as going to university is very important to me, but i can completely relate to the stresses of doing well in high school. It seems that there is more and more competition to get into secondary school, and teachers are testing harder as well. Although, I believe if you work hard and your heart is in it, that it will all work out in the end :).
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A photo of fchou fchou
wow..i've learned a lot in high school. Firstly, i've learned how I deal with stress; it was definitely a foreign concept before....good times...
I think high school does prepare us very well for university; my physics teacher totally scared me with all his stories of how hard uni is, but I guess it's good to prepare for the worst. High school wasn't exactly easy either, esp grade 12 (it's a pressure cooker for sure) and it's only going to get worse in university...Yeah!!!(sarcasm*)
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A photo of juxa juxa
I think the number one thing I can say that I learned out of my high school experience (which hasn't ended just yet) is the fact that being organized is one of the best ways to maintain good grades. Learning ahead and being a passive listener is really difficult which is why the best advice I can give is: milk your teacher for all they have. Study ahead, read ahead and after taking notes, talk to your teachers after school or after class about any confusion during the note taking process. My biology teacher told me that the best way to learn is to read things three times, one to absorb and get a flow of the information, two, to study and reiterate what is being taught and thirdly to process and test yourself.
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