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A photo of ricci001 ricci001
Hi, I'm entering into my first year engineering, and I've heard it has one of the heaviest workload. Will I have much spare time to do anything else? :bball:
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A photo of threepointonefour threepointonefour
Well, if you a good student but one who doesn't already understand every single priciple of all their classes, you can pick two of the following

1. Schoolwork
2. Sleep
3.Social Life

To achieve the best results, you must choose one and two. If you are a mediocre student who just barely made it into engg, then you get one choice.

Also, here is a funny video that may describe it. It helps if you have see the Powerthirst video before hand (Powerthirst video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRuNxHqwazs)

(Engineering video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N0HdFaVuz4)

And yes, I go to Calgary.
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A photo of swoodrow swoodrow
As long as you keep on top of your work (i.e go over notes every night after class, get assignments done as quickly as possible, use a study schedule during exam periods), you should be fine. You just have to realize that university is far harder then grade school, and requires a lot more work. As long as you stay focused, you should be able to have a healthy social life.
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A photo of noxx98 noxx98
You don't get homework in university, you have nothing to worry about. Don't even bother going to classes, just show up for your exams ...
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