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Honours Science and Life Science?

A photo of TotallyConfused TotallyConfused
What is the difference between the honours science and life science programs for U of Waterloo? What are some universities to apply for for science programs? I am planning on going to med school...

I was thinking life and health science at Mac, life science at UFT and Biomed at Western. Any other uni's or programs, any suggestions.

Thanks in advance :)
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A photo of TheUWStudent TheUWStudent
From what I know, honors sci, biomed, biology, etc are branches under life sci @ UW.
The only differences between each are the required courses in order to obtain that degree. Honors sci has the least amount of requirements and thus most customizable. However, biomed requirement fully prepares you in terms of prereq for any professional schools (pharm, med, optom, dent, etc.)

Honestly, UW is a great school, but it's hard to get good GPA. If your serious about getting into med school, I'd consider other schools such as York, Guelph, etc.
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