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Honours Science vs. Biomedical Science

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Can someone explain me what's the difference between these two programs. For eg: let's take Waterloo's Honours Science and UWO biomedical science! I am planning to study Pharmacy after my undergrad and which one of these programs do you think is going to help me the best? Thank you :)
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Every school defines its program titles differently; don't decide what school/program you're going to attend based on program title. What McMaster considers "health science" is notably different than what Western considers "health science," for example. The title is just a few words summary of what you're going to learn in four years; a more lengthy "summary" can be found by looking on the university's website, particularly by looking at the university's undergraduate academic calendar, which, if you follow logical steps, will lead you to a list of all majors, minors, specializations, etc... and all the courses that are required for the successful completion of each.

Hopefully this is a lesson to you that a bit of research will go a long way. This is a fairly major decision in your life, and you have access to a ton of information (thanks to the internet), yet you're half-a$$ing the decision-making process.
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