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Hospital CFO. Ask me anything.

A photo of Piotrolso Piotrolso
Hello future prospects. I am Peter, a CFO at a hospital in Ontario. My son introduced me to this site and says everyone has been a great help in planning his future. I have done some research myself and have decided to create an "Ask me anything" topic so you future business students can ask me questions regarding future education and career opportunities.

I look forward to answering as many questions as possible.
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A photo of DRose01 DRose01
Hey, thanks for this!

I had a couple questions and i wanted to get your input.
First of all, is it worthwhile to do both the CA and CFA? Many people i have asked already say that if you do the CA first it is much easier to get the CFA.

As for the experience that you need to become a CFA, does it work the same way as about the 30 months required for the CA, and can the same work experience count for both designations if it is relevant?

Personally i plan on getting my CA and CFA both because it is a good combination from what i have gathered, and valuable in the industry, because i do not want to work in tax or audit for that long, way more interested in the industry.

Thanks for your time.
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A photo of Windsongs4 Windsongs4
These are questions often asked and very subjective, however I would really like your opinion.

1. Do you think that coop and a good to excellent program is more valuable/opens more doors, or an excellent program + reputation without coop?

2. Do you believe a program's reputation would outweigh a bad school reputation, or is it better to go to an average program when the school has excellent reputation?

Thank You

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A photo of ixlovexchocolate ixlovexchocolate
Hi Peter! I'm really glad you chose to join the forums, I am actually very interested in the type of field you work in. I am conflicted between choosing the business field or the health field. Can you tell us how you got started and worked your way up to the title you hold now?
Also, I applied to very different programs for university. My top choice is waterloo's accounting and financial program. Can you offer some advice for me to eventually work in the health industry? Thank you!
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A photo of drishinbalz drishinbalz
Mind if I ask what are your job responsibilities and what career path you took to get there?

As well as your age and salary, if that isn't too much to ask for, just out of curiousity? I'll understand if you don't want to share that info.
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Hi Peter! Thank you very much for starting this thread!

I am curious, in your opinion does working abroad slow career growth? For example, after finishing school and getting my CA (or CPA if the merger goes through) and working here for a few more years, I would love to work in the middle east (Dubai, Abu DHabi, Jeddah) for the money and lifestyle for a few years in banking/energy/mining. Is it easy to come back after so much time away and continue climbing the corporate ladder to a c-level position of a major company here? Did you or any of your friends have this experience?
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
Do you have any background in a medical (or otherwise related) field? Or is your expertise solely in financial matters?
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