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How am I looking for Waterloo Nanotech?

A photo of slowhill slowhill
I was reading a couple threads in this forum and it got me so paranoid ._.
I can't tell if I have to pull up tons more by 2nd sem, and work to death or just keep consistently doing well ._.

My marks for this sem are:
Advfnc - 90
Chem - 79
English - 90

Next semester I have Physics, Calc, Data and Spanish.

My chem mark is ridiculously low (partly for me not pulling up to teacher's expectations, partly for my teacher murdering the hell out of the class T__T ) but I'm hoping I pull it up to at least an 82 with the exam.

My extracurriculars aren't too much either, would engineering really care about that? ._.
Private Guitar/Piano lessons
Job @ a local pharmacy for a year
Badminton club for 4 years of high school
School's Art club for two years
School's Audio/Video Production club exec for this year
DECA in grade 11 to provincials
41 Community service hours
Independent music project <-- I'm not sure if that counts but I'm gonna put it in anyways..
and I don't know if anyone knows but I'm in the IBT program LOL it's something worth mentioning about I suppose.

So what do you think? I applied to elec and mech eng as my 2nd and 3rd on my AIF, what are the chances of that also, since I put it in as my backup choices instead of my main?

Thanks for letting me know (:
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
Most people I know who got into nanotech got low 90s, get your average up a lil and you should be okay.
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A photo of iRamie iRamie
Will nanotechnology provide many job opportunities within the next 5 to 10 years?
Like, is the degree actually worth it?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
No one knows what will happen in the next five or ten years but right now most nanoengineering positions are in reasearch. However in the next five to ten years nanotech could turn into a booming new industry. IMO your better off going into materials sci or EE or something you could use to specialize in it. But if its what your really interested in then dont worry about job prospects you can always go to grad school for something related.
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