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How bad of a position am I in?

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I think I'll get to mid-terms with a 90%, with ~90% in functions and ~80% in calculus/vectors

For the past 3 years (grade 9-11) my math mark has hovered in the 70's and 60's

So because of this low mark in math (my mark was high everywhere else) I doubt I'll see acceptance until the mid-term comes out and they see the improved math mark (I got 64% in functions semester 1, I'm taking it again this semester)

So does being in the late rounds put me at a disadvantage as far as whether I will get into Uni? How of their total acceptances usually wait until that time?

I'm seeing a lot of people get accepted by now and universities only have a few hundred people accepted per year so....damn.

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GRADE 12 is all that matters. Early acceptance are for people who will get in ANYWAYS!, due to their high marks

PS. I had 60's and 70's too in grade 10+11 due to a personal slump
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