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How can I use this site to search for scholarships?

A photo of sblakey sblakey
I'm trying to look for scholarships that apply to me because I'm not actually eligible for most of the ones that have been found for me.

All I want is an advanced search function so I can look for scholarships that DON'T require me to study in Canada when I'm going to be studying in Europe.

Is there any way I can just browse a list of scholarships here somewhere? So far this website has been entirely unhelpful to me. "Look at all the free money you aren't qualified to apply for!" Gee, thanks.
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A photo of jazz10 jazz10
I think Student Awards only promotes scholarships to Canadian schools. Every scholarship I have seen on here is to study in Canada and few include the US but I haven't seen any other countries.

I'm guessing you'll just have to search around on other websites.

Good luck!
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A photo of sblakey sblakey
Thank you; I've seen a few in my list that aren't specific to Canada or the US, but it feels like 95% are. I've tracked down a very small amount to investigate further. It's just frustrating because this site looked so promising, but anything's better than nothing. I'll just have to keep looking. Thanks!
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A photo of Sabah Sabah
Hi, im new to this students awards, and i need help on how to search for scholarships that i am interested in, and that i can apply to, can anyone help me find scholarships for the program (bio medical engineering) and show me where to go to apply thank you!
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A photo of Velykat Velykat
I'm in the same position, I am planning on studying abroad and was excited when I received the information for this site, because it would have eased up my search...but it turns out that it just made it even more complicated. So, if you have any good sites with international scholarships or any information please contact me, and if I find something interesting I'll post it.
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