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How did you choose? Help me! I'm a trainwreck of mediocrity and indecisiveness

A photo of victoriakwan victoriakwan
i guess so first of all, this is what i'm taking next year.

adv. functions
calc + vectors
hre4m (catholic school, sigh)

and i suppose i probably should've figured this all out as i was choosing my courses, but i didnt. so i'm here. wondering how everyone else did it. How did you decide what you'd want to study? and where? I honestly don't even know where to begin researching what university is good for what program! i'm thinking about something sciences related, but thats really as far as i have thought.

and while we're at it, let me freak out about how worried i am that i'll be too dumb for any of this. i just feel like i'm already at a disadvantage because i'm already pretty mediocre (78-79.5 averages all throughout high school) and my stupid all girls catholic school is actually pretty dumbed down (i've compared the material to that of my guy friends' schools, its fact).

but yeah, how'd you decide what you'd wanna do? Where do you wanna do it?
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A photo of jelly jelly
Personally had to account for a couple major things:
1. Strengths
2. Interests
3. Ability
4. Money
5. Preference

Pretty much just combining what I'm good at with what I'm interested in. Ability is mostly about how likely it is for me to get accepted into a program. Money is both about how much my tuition/housing will cost if I move out, and how much I want to make after university. Preference is just choosing schools, if I prefer moving out rather than staying at home, the campus/people. I'm going into grade 12 as well so I haven't really gotten through the preference part as I've yet to visit the universities I'm interested in, but I'm fairly set on what I'm good at and what I'm interested in. I also know my marks aren't stellar so I've gotta keep my range within what I can go to.
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A photo of AdriannaCote AdriannaCote
One of the best ways to choose something(and be successful at it!) is to find something that genuinely interests you, and that you are willing to commit time and money to(even if that means a part-time job and student loans). I graduated from two college programs before I realized that child psychology was what I wanted to specialize in, and I have been accepted into an honors program at University of Ottawa with advanced standing. Don't pick something just for the sake of choosing(it's a waste of time and money!) pick something you love and want to learn more about!
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
Well what career do you want? Work backwards from there to figure out what undergrad program you should go into.

I knew I wanted to be a vet so the obvious choice for my undergrad degree was health/life sciences. I wanted to stay in Ontario so that narrowed down the list of schools and from there I chose 4 schools based on their campus/location (whether I could see myself spending the next 4 years there) and program (how much I liked it, opportunities offered etc). I narrowed it down even further based on what scholarships the schools offered me but it wasn't until I visited all of them that I made my final decision.
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A photo of ktel ktel
First of all, good for you for actually taking all the courses you could possibly need for any program you would apply to. That's an excellent start. You've left your options wide open.

I honestly just took a stab at engineering based on a gut feeling. I also made my university choice based on a gut feeling. Both feelings were obviously right.
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A photo of sllencer sllencer
I kinda chose my prog on a whim. One thing led to another and ta-da: engineering. So... why don't you start with something to like, think of that thing but in a form of a career, find out what programs you should have, find the schools, and check out the campus of those schools.

But if you don't think going at it systematically, try going on a whim :D
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A photo of vel vel
On a whim as well, and lucked into realizing that I really liked it. Passion can be cultivated, but it's going to be uphill if you're trying to cultivate it in engineering when you're incredibly weak at math. So pick something that'll help you tap into something you're good at and then branch out and study different streams of study and see if there's anything else that you might like. Obligatory Anecdote: I have a friend who did the same and went into university undecided. His only forte was writing well. Took up computer science and really loves it. You don't have to know what you want to do going in. Knowing though, saves you a lot of time.
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A photo of kraken kraken
I just picked stuff I like. Won't end up being very employable but oh well.
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