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How do I declare my major?

A photo of Milkberry Milkberry
I'm very confused about declaring majors.
So I understand that most universities allow students to declare their majors in their second year.
If I applied to one for, per say, linguistics, and got accepted for it, do I have to stick with it? Or do I get to change my mind about it and choose a different major in my second year?
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A photo of seasharp seasharp
Pretty sure you can switch at any time, though the later you switch the more courses you may lack is what I've gathered.
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
You can change majors as many times as you like so long as you have the necessary prereqs/GPA for that major.

Not sure how other schools do it, but at Mac, you go online onto your student account at the end of 1st year (March/April) and literally select from a list of majors from a drop down menu and then press confirm.
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