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How do I transfer university - Engineering

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Hey guys i did my 1a term in Waterloo Civil engineering and it didn't really go that well. I ended getting a 57% but was off by 3% to move on to 1b. I currently am doing a non degree term because engineering wouldn't allow me to move on :(. I also currently applied to the Computing and Systems Engineering program at guelph, Ryerson for Mech eng, Uoit for mech eng, and windsor for Industrial engineering cuz i always wanted to become an engineer and i don't want this bad exprience ruin my future goal. I actually got accepted to MEchanical engineering at Guelph 1 year ago when i applied but decided to go to waterloo. What the chances of me getting into the Systems at guelph. My highschool avg was abt 83 and my 1a term was a 57%.
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I believe you must speak with your school and the other school.

Also, if you don't mind me asking, would you regret going to Waterloo?

In addition, How did you get in with and 82.5 average, I thought Waterloo was really competitive? Was it your AIF?

Sorry, I am still in high school and have applied to waterloo and wanted your opinion?

If I am not sure if I really want to do engineering, should I go to Waterloo If i get accepted?

Also this semester I have physics and calculus and chemistry, and comp sci. My average has dropped significantly. Would you recommend taking private school to raise my marks?

Sorry, I couldn't help that much with your transferring schools problem. I am only Grade 12 atm.
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