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How do Ontario students apply outside Ontario?

A photo of KingKhan KingKhan
So my guidance counselors told me that if I wish to apply to universities outside Ontario, I'm pretty much on my own. So how exactly would I go on about applying outside Ontario? I'm looking at applying to Mcgill, UBC and Uni of Alberta.

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Check their websites. I went to U of A and their website has a lot of info for prospective students, including information on how to apply. When I applied I had to apply directly to the school, although I remember hearing rumors of Alberta putting together a common application system for all post-secondary schools in the province.
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A photo of nadia93 nadia93
i applied to the MUN last fall (memorial university of newfoundland) ps if you're into beautiful campuses, check this out :)

anyway, i went to they're website and browsed around until i found their admissions information, i basically just followed the instructions and applied online
they asked for my transcript so i went to my school's guidance office and asked for my transcript (which cost $2) and sent it to MUN by mail
they wanted one for the beginning of the year and again at the end of the year
& i found out online, on the same website, about my acceptance
and they also sent me a lot of friendly mail :) they're really friendly ahaha and really cheap tuition!

good luck with everything!
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A photo of KingKhan KingKhan
Okay thanks guys and wow I just realized how expensive it is to apply outside Ontario, $100 for McGill alone! :bounce:
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