yconic - How do universities process applications from applicants who are out of high school?
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How do universities process applications from applicants who are out of high school?

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More specifically, how do they look at applicants who are finished high school (but are not "mature" applicants) and therefore have all their final grades submitted to them? Is it on a rolling basis, or do they send them out in batches the way they do with high school applicants?

I can't imagine they would do it in batches since they aren't waiting on anything. I graduated high school three years ago, took a college certificate program, and did one semester of a diploma program. Waterloo has received all my marks (according to Quest), but I've still not received a decision. I heard from Laurier and Guelph almost right away.

I know it is early since acceptances can be given out until the end of May, but since all my grades have been in since mid-January, is there a reason that I haven't heard back yet? I took only U and M courses in high school, and have a 4.0 average in college; even though I didn't do the greatest in high school (76% average in my top six U/M courses), I can't imagine it being possible that Waterloo has made the decision to reject me.

Does anyone know how university applications are processed for applicants in my position? Or have any possible suggestions as to why I haven't received a decision yet?
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You're probably being looked at in a separate applicant pool is my guess
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