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How do you ace tests, exams and end up with a 90+ final average on your courses? HELP!

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I am in grade 11 and I attend a non-semestered school. I am an average student who aspires to become a chemist, chemical engineer, or a nurse someday in the future, and I basically suck at Math and English.

My marks right now for the following courses are:

ENG4U - 87
MCR3U - 75 (:!: :!: :!: )
SBI3U - 86
SCH3U - 89
SPH3U - 90
AMI3M (Instru. Music) - 90
HRT3M1 (World Religions) - 86

Okay, we're currently on our unit 12 target date soon this Monday (midterm) and I am still on my unit 9-10s, yeah I know terrible. Additionally, for English I am terrible at writing essays when I am given a time-limit. I can write a decent essay on a computer but I still suck at it. I get mixed up with my thesis and my main points. I know for my unit 5 (essay writing time-limit activity), I got a 65 because I didn't even finish writing my 1st body paragraph, and my teacher told me it was meant to be somewhere in the 50s but she felt sorry for me. D;

Furthermore, for my Physics I have a 90 so far because of the unit work but my first test which was about motions, I got a 60 D: It's the Physics tests I'm scared of. Also for Chemistry and Biology, the tests too are what worries me. Lastly, MATH. I am the dumbest kid when it comes to math. From units 1-5, I had low to high 60s and mid 70s. I've started practicing more and more, spent my Tuesdays & Thursdays at lunch with my Senior tutor and I got low-to mid 80s for my unit 5-8 tests. Our math is based purely on the tests and it sucks. I'm just panicking when it comes to future tests and the final exams... :bounce: :!:

Anyway, enough vent.

How do you guys achieve 90s and a final 90+ average for English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics? Any tips, advices would be greatly appreciated.
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Math, chem, physics - practice until I can look at a question and know exactly what I have to do to get the answer without thinking

English - actually read the novel/poem/play/whatever and then come up with a list of main themes/symbols and quotations that apply to said themes. Memorize the quotes to use in essays. Half of writing a good essay is your grammar/sentence structure and vocabulary though, so if yours isn't that great, start reading more books.

Bio - memorize everything

Unfortunately there will probably be at least one subject that you just don't seem to be good at no matter what (appears to be math for you). For me it is organic chemistry, I could do every single practice problem and feel confident going into the exam but still blank out when the time comes. Just try the best that you can, you're already taking the right steps by going for tutoring and asking for help.
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by spending less time on sa forums :D
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I do my homework and study. It's called time management. If you want to do one of those jobs, you will definitely need to learn how to manage your time and get your work done.
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You would've hated going to school in Alberta. 50% of our final mark is based on the government exam. It's very hard to get a very good average. For my first semester, before those exams I had a 96% average, and after them it fell to 94%.
As for advice to get high marks,you should build up confidence before writing an exam, and think outside the box (that's for sciences and math). For English now, you must work hard, and teach yourself guidelines for essays that you can use in any writing assignment you get.
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