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How do you apply for summer school

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How do you apply, how difficult is it, how does summer school work ( hours a day/ days a week).

I will be taking ENG4U, is it difficult in summer school vs. normal school?
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Please STOP making these identical topics.

You can book an appointment with your guidance counselor, and get a form to fill out.
Or I think you can go to the school(where you want to take the course) and sign up(but you need the documents and permission).
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Do you have a guidance office or guidance counsellors? Ask them; they should have application forms available before the summer. At my school, they are available in May. If you take summer school, it's like regular school except you focus on that one subject the whole day. That's why the course finishes in a month instead of a semester.

My opinion is that if you are naturally good at English, you will find summer school less intensive, because they rush things along and have lower expectations on detail. However, if you're not so good at English, you may feel unable to make all of the connections because you get less time to absorb what you learned.

I would just talk to some other students at your school who took ENG4U in the summer and see what they thought about it. It depends on the teachers too.
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to apply for summer school you need to talk to your guidance counselor. But, for me they made an announcement at school and handed out forms to whoever wanted to take summer school (usually occurs in April or May). Summer school is 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.

When it comes to difficulty, it all depends on you and the teacher you get.

-If you are a person that can sit through an 8 hour class and can handle a lot of work load than take summer school. You will find it to being easy.

-the type of teacher you get is completely based on luck.

But, in most cases summer school is easier than normal day school.

Hope this helped
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