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How do you choose?

A photo of Nithl Nithl
Okay, so I applied to Waterloo (AFM-PA), McMaster (Medrad and Business), UOttawa (Accounting), and Western (Management and Organizational Studies).

So far, I have been accepted into UOttawa, but the fact that I've been accepted makes me think it's not a great school. Ha. I got accepted based on my grade eleven marks, and I had an 88% average, which is good, and better than what I will have this year in grade twelve. But I've been reading a lot of forums saying that UOttawa is a crappy school, and accepts pretty much everyone. Is this true?

Out of the four schools I applied to, which has the best program, and which will I get accepted to? (I'm anticipating an 85-86% average this year)

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A photo of g93 g93
Waterloo AFMA-PA is the best program probably (I am not familiar with the McMaster Med Rad and business though).

For Waterloo, unless you have a perfect AFMAA, you will not get in with an 85-86. Bump it up to a higher 80 and you may have a slightly greater chance, or might get an alt. offer to FM (admission average for PA was 92 last year while FM was 89).

Western BMos without Ivey AEO isn't that good.

The Mac program sounds pretty cool and like a good program.

I hear Telfer isn't bad though.
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A photo of Nithl Nithl
Dam. Okay, I suppose I'll aim for getting into Mac then.
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A photo of MFedds MFedds
Ottawa U isn't crappy, but if you need to decide now then do what i do with big decisions. Flip a coin.
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@MFedds wrote
do what i do with big decisions. Flip a coin.

Awful advice.
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A photo of RockChen RockChen
Please don't flip a coin, make an educated decision.
I also heard about UOttawa's bad reputation. Instead, I recommend Waterloo. It offers great programs and accessibility. Despite its high standards, you can still be accepted with an average of 85-86%. As a plus, its campus and surroundings form a Student Town where restaurants and other services are designed for students!
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A photo of poeticallydemented poeticallydemented
uOttawa recruits people with high averages early because they're looking to be in the same ranks as Toronto, Western, Queens, etc. in a few years. People like to badmouth Ottawa but look at the number of people who apply - it can't be awful if that many people apply there. Besides, the government hemhorrages money into that city to make it look nice because it's the capital.

If you're looking at an undergrad, the programs are generic, basically. History is history. Bio is bio. WWII still happened whether or not you learn it at Queens or at Trent. When you get into the professional faculties, like medicine, law, nursing, engineering etc is when you want to start looking at 'reputation'.

For your undergrad, choose the campus you like best. It's better to be loving it at Laurier than hating it at U of T, although the second is more prestigious.
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