yconic - How do you feel about teachers who have NO EMPATHY for their students?
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How do you feel about teachers who have NO EMPATHY for their students?

A photo of brady23 brady23
For example, if a teacher gave a student a zero on the test because they didn't call in the morning before the test to say that they would be absent (this student was really absent because of immigration issues and he needed to meet with his lawyer).

I'm pretty sure that the first thing on his mind wouldn't be that I'm going to miss my test today.

Or a student who came in 20 minutes late for a test because of a family emergency or because their car wasn't starting and the teacher wouldn't give them any extra time for the test.

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A photo of infinitoria infinitoria
I think it's unnecessary. I know that as a teacher you need to ensure that conditions are fair and no one has the chance to manipulate an advantage, but things happen in people's lives and writing a test late isn't the end of the world. That being said, so many of my classmates try to scam teachers and I'm sure they just get sick of it, so they impose a really stringent system.

People will say that second chances don't exist in university/the 'real' working world, but it's seriously relative to the situation. Some bosses and professors will be more lenient than others, so the "I'm teaching you a lesson about having a doctor's appointment and forgetting to tell me" approach isn't completely relevant to life. As a student with a teacher like that, you eventually have to learn to look out for yourself and take as many precautions as possible against losing marks for frivolous reasons. Like, you know your teacher is a hard-ass? Remember to call.
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