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How Do YOU Fight Procrastination?

A photo of Ohseedee Ohseedee
Hello everyone, just curious as to how you guys fight procrastination regarding homework, studying, etc.

Since I'm the type that gets easily overwhelmed, I make sure to set VERY small goals. For example, every day I have my goal of doing just 10 minutes of homework. Because it's ridiculously small, I can accomplish the goal without feeling pressured and almost always end up doing much more than 10 minutes.

What strategies help you fight the urge to procrastinate?
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A photo of random random
Like you, I keep everyday small goals. Finish Part A of assignment, write intro to essay, do questions 1-10, etc.

I also try to finish as much work as possible in school during my lunch or spare because I know I'll become lazy once I get home.
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A photo of EgyCanadian EgyCanadian
Procrastination is my biggest problem right now. I am so so so easily distracted and find it EXTREMELY difficult to focus on tasks. And it's affecting everything in my life...I end up cramming assignments in the last minute, I hardly get any sleep and I never find time to work out as much as I did before and therefore start to get out of shape.

I need help :(
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
I work best under pressure/the stress of a looming deadline, so I usually let myself procrastinate for at least the first little while. Otherwise, I don't have the motivation to study/do work without the "omg I'm going to fail if I don't start" feeling kicking me into gear.

If that doesn't work, I give myself ultimatums. For example, I won't let myself eat/shower/go to the bathroom/leave my room etc before I finish studying 3 lectures.

If that still doesn't work, I turn off my wireless (since I pretty much only procrastinate on the internet). Usually when it gets to that point, it's already 1am and I have 7 hours before a midterm, so the fear of failing/doing poorly is pretty strong and after turning off my wireless I'm pretty committed to studying.
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A photo of DoorKnob22 DoorKnob22
You need to build the habits of working everyday on projects.

Also to study all content of a subject on a regular basis rather than the classic day before.

You also need willpower/self-control, to build the habits.

I agree with turning off the internet, it's a good idea, (assuming you don't need it to work like on a research project or something)
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A photo of jplaetzer jplaetzer
I like the wireless idea also.
My best method is to write down a list of objectives at the end of my school day along with a timeline by which to achieve them. I usually go a little past each set deadline and don't accomplish the last few things on the list, but it does help a lot.
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A photo of niklo90 niklo90
lol Good luck fighting it when you're in residence
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A photo of tpenney12 tpenney12
One thing that I found really useful, especially for studying, is finding the quiet study space in the library. I used to try and study in my room, but with the distractions I really didn't get anything done. Now, I'd sort of adapted my body into knowing that when I go to the quiet area, or even the library in general, its time to get work done.

Another thing that I've heard is not to study/ do school work in bed. Your body associated your bed with sleep, so you won't be as productive. When I used to study in bed, my body started adapting to that, and I had a hard time falling asleep because I'd be used to studying in bed.

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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Don't fight it; embrace it.
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A photo of jelly jelly
Know how much time it'll take you, and know how much sleep you're willing to sacrifice. I usually end up sleeping at 2-3 so it really isn't half bad.
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A photo of Joshki Joshki
idk..i just dont procrastinate, i always get projects done a week in advance lol
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A photo of Katraa Katraa
I try to finish everything at school, so I can go home and procrastinate all I want. If I'm unable to do that, I get up early in the morning to do my homework and regularly take breaks, but not on the computer cause I'll never get off...
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A photo of BrightWhiteLights BrightWhiteLights
I too get distracted really easily. I normally try to remove distractions... which is hard with a hyperactive younger brother :P But I normally try motavating myself by thinking as soon as im done this work I can do whatever I want to do; draw, piano, write,etc. Like especially when I have homework over a break or the weekends I try finishing it on Friday or whenever I get it so I can have free time over the break. While working I also tend to listen to music to block out other things so I can focus on my work.
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A photo of ktel ktel
Ugh this is the worst in grad school where the deadlines are months away. I just try to keep myself in a perpetual state of light panic, which motivates me well enough
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